Finvezto Toolkit 

The Tools you need to make wise Trading & Investing Decisions. 

Comprehensive Guide

Here is a video guide on how to use the toolkit.

Stock-wise Institutional Activity (Daily Basis)

Do not wait till the end of a quarter to know whether Institutions have bought or sold a stock. Track the footprints of smart money on a day-to-day basis. Be an Informed Trader/Investor.

Key Levels & Bull/Bear Control Range

Who is in Control? Bulls or Bears? When does the control change? Know through our Key levels. Daily Key Levels of Top stocks, Nifty & Banknifty plotted based on Price Action, Open Interest, Volume & Institutional Behaviour for Intraday Trading. Know More. 

Advanced Open Interest (OI) Chart & Visualizations

Check the Open Interest across Strikes and Expiries. You can combine multiple Expiries too. You can also see the Put Call Ratio & Intraday Price Decay for a particular range of strike prices. Get the most accurate EOD Open Interest Data along with power-packed features for better trading decisions.

Delivery Quantity & Percentage Analysis

Which Stocks to hold for Long term?

Which Stocks to avoid for Short term trading?

How to interpret Delivery Quantity & Percentage?

Get all the answers in the tool. 

Derivatives Positions Analysis

Get insights into how market participants are building Futures & Options positions in Index & Stocks. This gives you a great deal of info about the present market scenario and helps you identify who is in control of the market.

Futures Dashboard & Screener + Basis Analysis

Screen Stock Futures based on Long Build Up, Short Build Up, Short Covering and Long Unwinding. Complete and Accurate EOD Futures Analysis.

Insider Activity Tracker

Check where the Promoters and Insiders are buying/selling a stock. One of the most underrated data points presented in a powerful & visual format. Check it out.

Market Leaders

Know the Market leaders across product categories and sub-categories. Granular Information that gives you a substantial edge over other investors.

Heatmaps to Differentiate

What value is Good? We help you recognize it instantly through heatmaps & screener. Heatmaps for parameters across Growth, Profitability, Return, Debt, Liquidity, Efficiency, Relative Valuation, Shareholding Pattern, Quarterly Results etc indicated in Red, Yellow & Green.

We have more features in store.

Take your Trading & Investing Research to the next level.


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Tools you need for making wise trading & investing decisions. Know More. 


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Trading Masterclass Course

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Trading Masterclass Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide Live Market data?

No. We do not provide live market data. All our tools and screeners are intended for end-of-day market analysis only. 

At what time is the data updated everyday?

All data is updated around 8 PM on every trading day so that you can be better prepared for the next trading day. 

How do I interpret the data in the Toolkit?

Within the Toolkit, we have provided guidance on how to use the data points for making better trading and investing decisions.

How do I get Access?

Once you subscribe, we will instantly send you a link with access to the Toolkit. 

Is it Desktop Friendly?

Yes, the tool works well on laptops and desktops. 

Do you provide a Free Trial?

Currently, we do not provide a Free Trial. You can subscribe to our Monthly Plan to try it out. 

Where do I get Support?

Please write an e-mail to or chat with us in WhatsApp using the chat button below.

Have any Queries?

Get in touch with us by typing a message below. You can also chat with us on WhatsApp by clicking on the Chat button on the bottom right of this page.

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